Theological Education at Nexus

In a letter to theologian Karl Barth, Dietrich Bonhoeffer reflected on his experience with and excitement for the seminary for young adults at Finkenwalde. He said this about the students:

You can hardly imagine how empty, how completely burned out, most of the (brothers) are when they come to the seminary. Empty not only as regards theological insights and still more as regards knowledge of the Bible, but also as regards their personal life…There are very few who recognize that this sort of work with young adults is the task of the church and then do something about it. And this is just what everyone is waiting for. I, too, am unable to do it properly, but I intend to show them by practice and community. That seems the most important thing to me.

Teenage Group

High School youth are still just as starved today. We want to change the landscape. We at Nexus want to provide a life-enriching experience, through participation in Christian community, and set before all participants a table of theological riches that deepens understanding of identity and calling within the body of Christ in the world as a witness to the truth of the gospel, and ignites in young adults a yearning for the sea of ministry, and puts in their hands the tools and confidence to live as intentional witnesses to the gospel.

Nexus students will not just sit and learn. They will discuss and apply. They will consider their role as a Christian and in the church, and be inspired to contribute to the life and witness of the local church.

This year's theme is Jesus: Old, New, & Now.

We will be digging deep into the old and new testaments to see the Gospel at work. We will also be looking at the world around us today to bring Jesus into our everyday lives.

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